I find describing myself a arrogant task that only highlights my version of myself I want others to know and see. The only way to learn about me is to follow and be amazed at how diverse and shocking my wit.

Code name: Mama Duck

Age: old

Place: blissful ignorance

Vices: drearily awake

For real now; I am at the peak of my existence or what I like to think of as pre middle-aged but post wretched fool. I have the adoration and affection of 5 gorgeously divine cublings and their devoted Papa Bear.

We currently live together in a stationary home in PA and have high hopes and big dreams to move mountains with our self sustainable adventure cross this great nation in the very near future.

These big dreams I write of are of colossal importance to me and attaining them is the purpose of this web log.  That, and my desire to share my joy of life and the process of living it to its fullest potential with anyone who might be interested or more importantly in need of all it has to offer. Joy, after all, is a very powerful tool and treasure not to be kept to oneself but to be fed to the masses with a spoon on a sunny afternoon in the most beautiful place on earth, our hearts.

Interests: cheese and corn

Skills: hide and seek

Dreams: to make just one person smile

Hopes: to teach, learn, grow, live all in love

Goal: to make the world more beautiful

If anyone does happen to read this I must warn you that if you know me you will now know me. If you don’t know me you will love me. I hope to accomplish sharing my passions of family, marriage, raising respectful and loving children, keeping a home, keeping pets(alive),  health, FOOD, Art(in all forms) and especially TRAVEL. I am no expert, nor a physician but I am passionate, thorough and diligent.

In advance I would like to thank my thesaurus and a certain internet search engine that begins in “g” and ends in “e” for most of the information and research that is not incorporated in my opinion.

Oh! The reader, I would of course like to thank YOU!

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