Cups of Order

Letting go of perfection and accepting that you may not be able to FILL all the cups everyday will be hard, but necessary for piece of mind and easing the stress of it all.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Temperatures are at all time low nationwide, are you staying warm? Follow these tips and tricks to turn up the heat and keep the cold at a distance. Compiled here are a ton of ways to keep warm and still enjoy the deep freeze!   From here’s 8 ways to keep your home warmContinue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Outside the Kitchen

Coconut oil is a versatile thing. Besides the kitchen, you’ll find a jar of expeller-pressed, raw organic coconut oil in my bathroom closet, shower, nightstand and on our baby-changing table because not only is it nourishing us through food, but in these 5 ways you may not have thought to use it. Oil pulling- IfContinue reading “5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Outside the Kitchen”

SUPPLEMENTal Health Insurance: Apple Cider Vinegar

The wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar are countless. This amazing product can do so much from cleaning our body both internally and externally to cleaning our home and the environment not to mention the host of ailments it can alleviate or cure. My favorite thing to do with ACV is cook and rinse my hair. ItContinue reading “SUPPLEMENTal Health Insurance: Apple Cider Vinegar”

I cured my thyroid without a single prescription pill!

  I CURED my thyroid disease without a single prescription pill! A year ago I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. This is my story:   Symptoms and signals What started out as what I thought was baby blues and general recovery from a c-section went on to wondering about post partum depression; then went evenContinue reading “I cured my thyroid without a single prescription pill!”

In our medicine cabinet

What’s in our medicine cabinet? Okay, not our real medicine cabinet. It’s a metaphor for what we do to support our health and prevent getting sick. My personal take on healthcare is not treating symptoms but preventing illness. We’ve all seen the images floating around social media about “Farmacy not Pharmacy” and showing pictures of food with the captionContinue reading “In our medicine cabinet”

SUPPLEMENTal health insurance: Zinc

  Link to Zinc According to Wikipedia “Zinc is an essential mineral of “exceptional biologic and public health importance”. Zinc deficiency affects about two billion people in the developing world and is associated with many diseases. In children it causes growth retardation, delayed sexual maturation, infection susceptibility, and diarrhea, contributing to the death of aboutContinue reading “SUPPLEMENTal health insurance: Zinc”

The Organic Comarison : A Healthier lifestyle

Eating Organic and going green is all the rage! To be environmentally responsible as well as setting ourselves up for optimal health and longevity is high on my priority list. Our family has been making these conscious choices for almost six years and we are delving deeper and deeper as our family grows and we seeContinue reading “The Organic Comarison : A Healthier lifestyle”

SUPPLEMENTal health insurance: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a naturally occurring fat soluble antioxidant found in foods.You can find a whole workup by the U.S. Department of health and human services here. MY STORY: I was thirteen. I had a chalazion cyst on my eye the size of a marble. I was embarrassed to go to school. I was embarrassed to go anywhere.Continue reading “SUPPLEMENTal health insurance: Vitamin E”

More on oil pulling

Since my four-day oil pulling project, my teeth and mouth continue to feel cleaner and whiter! I found a new benefit, though: I have a gluten sensitivity that includes excessive tiredness and headaches, not to mention other ailments (follow the blog and I’ll be posting about it more later). If i have gluten in anyContinue reading “More on oil pulling”