RV Kitchen Must-haves For Your Camping Trip

Camping season is approaching! If you’re a camping newbie or an avid RV’er, this post is for you. I’ve comprised some handy kitchen tools to keep in the camper for ease of use and comforts of home. Take a look and don’t be shy! Add your own “must-haves” in the comments at the bottom ofContinue reading “RV Kitchen Must-haves For Your Camping Trip”

Confessions of homeschool mom

Journal Entry from February, 2019   Hi! It’s been well over a year from the last time I shared a blog post …and that is what it’s like to be a homeschool mom. If you read my book, you’re familiar with my philosophies and know that I believe homeschooling, like most things in life, isContinue reading “Confessions of homeschool mom”