Confessions of homeschool mom

Journal Entry from February, 2019


Hi! It’s been well over a year from the last time I shared a blog post

…and that is what it’s like to be a homeschool mom.

If you read my book, you’re familiar with my philosophies and know that I believe homeschooling, like most things in life, is about balance. Success is fleeting when you stay focused on the negative.

We’ve had our fair share of bad days, today happens to be one of them. So, I figured, I would let you all in and finally get around to writing, posting, and taking some time for the things I enjoy.

I awoke to the sound of kids fighting. Specifically, one child calling another child’s name repeatedly, in a whining, scolding tone. Over. And over. And over.

Then, the telltale sounds of heaving and coughing; only it wasn’t a child. It was a cat. Commence morning routine, add cat-vomit cleanup.

Pancakes are made, but not without children arguing over who gets to crack the egg, or pour the milk, or whisk it all together.

The bickering continued even after the bearded man yells out, “STOP IT!” and “GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!”

I usually have a bit more patience in times like this, but this week I am preparing for an event and it seems every time I turn around I have another obstacle to overcome. So, with the event approaching, I’m a bit more on edge and irritable than usual (at least I’m aware of my crankiness and try to keep it to myself).

Okay, pancakes eaten and no one brings their plate to the sink (they usually do help out and take care of their dishes) and have begun some of their individual activities. One sets up to paint, another working on a research project, two reading quietly, and the smallest of the bunch were playing nicely. Things have settled down, and I’m getting some work done. Enter bearded man.

He’s upset that no one brought their plates in. He’s telling them they need to clean up and do some housework.

In my head, I think, ‘but they just got quiet, stopped bickering, and were all engaged in enriching activities!’ I say nothing.

The day continues as I accidentally drop a wet sign and get paint all over the kitchen floor and in my haste to try to catch the falling board, I get paint on my hand. Then, dumb-wittingly touch said hand to my forehead in grief of how the day has been, and subsequently smear paint on my face. It’s spray paint by the way. On my face. Black spray paint.

All the while, I’m scrambling to get ready for my event, stopping the kids from killing each other, listening on high alert for more cat vomit, I forget about the paint on my face. Every encounter with anyone for the rest of the day ensues laughter of course… and here I am, just trying to get things done.

Well, one thing I know, it could be worse. A lot worse! And this day has been a struggle, but I know there’s always tomorrow to make up for it or make it seem like a great day.

Anyway, at this point we still have half a day to go so, wish me luck!


Hope you’re having a better day than me:)

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