You’re a stay at home mom? So you don’t HAVE a job!

My job? I don’t have one.

Oh, but I do work. I work hard, too!

Every morning, I wake well before I’m “ready” to and make my bed. WAIT! I can’t make my bed, yet. There are still people in it. That’s right PEOPLE, none of which are my husband.

So I do the bathroom thing, get dressed and make the people’s beds who are now in MY bed… they hear me scurrying and hop out to follow me around and start the chaos.

I go back, make my bed and prompt the people to get themselves dressed.

We venture downstairs where I fill their tummies with food and drink for breakfast. All while tripping over a dog and three cats that are hungry too. Feed them.

The rest of the day is a balancing act of cleaning up, filling tummies, cleaning up, playing, reading, learning, laundry, walking the dog, taking out the trash, filling tummies, cleaning up etc. (not in any particular order)

I’m a stay at home mom! While I don’t “go to a job” My job might be more important than having a conventional employer. My employers need me more than I need a paycheck so I can send them to daycare. We live, laugh, love, and learn at home together.

Some days we venture out into the world, depending on what activities we’re committed to that day. Sometimes we stay in our pj’s.(ah the freedom of homeschooling!)

Besides the physical work, what I do is emotionally, mentally draining. I have my moments but most of them are filled with laughter, fun and silliness.

photo credit: Jenny Grant Digital Imaging
photo credit: Jenny Grant Digital Imaging

I LOVE what I do! I may not jump out of bed every morning excited to get to work – maybe because I’m not a “morning person”- but at the end of the day my feet are tired and my heart is warm so, that’s paycheck enough for me!

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13 thoughts on “You’re a stay at home mom? So you don’t HAVE a job!

  1. I can so relate to this! I actually work full time, but also blog, freelance write, and another part time business on the side. I am also a wife and mom. My childless boss often makes remarks about how I sit around on my days off, and fights me tooth and nail when I need time off. I would love to pare back my hours to 3 days a week, and might homeschool my daughter next year. My boss can stick that in her pipe and smoke it lol.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Melissa. I think ALL moms can relate whether working or not. Being a parent is a full time job in itself. I love your blog, btw 🙂


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