SUPPLEMENTal Health Insurance: Apple Cider Vinegar

The wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar are countless. This amazing product can do so much from cleaning our body both internally and externally to cleaning our home and the environment not to mention the host of ailments it can alleviate or cure.

My favorite thing to do with ACV is cook and rinse my hair. It sounds morbid to most people that I keep a bottle in my shower but it works and it works WELL!

So what is ACV???

Apple cider vinegar is vinegar(duh) made from apples. Raw ACV is unpasteurized and contains mother of vinegar which has a cobweb-like look to it and can make the vinegar look cloudy.

ACV is produced by crushing apples to squeeze out the juice. Bacteria and yeast are added to start a fermentation process in which the sugars are transformed to alcohol. In a further fermentation session, the alcohol converts into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria. This acid gives the vinegar its flavor and makes it ideal for use in a lot of foods such as dressings and marinades among others.

Apple cider vinegar has many health promoting properties aside from its talents in the kitchen, such as helping with arthritis and stopping the itch from annoying poison ivy. I was surprised to learn that although taken orally can help with many problems it is a miracle worker applied topically.

Here is a helpful list of ailments this wonderment can help with:

Athlete’s Foot
As a deodorant
Insect bites and stings
Poison Ivy
Sore Throat
Swimmer’s Ear

Apple cider vinegar and honey mixed in a glass of water and drank daily up to three times is believed to cure arthritis as well as the common cold. Equal parts of vinegar and honey in a warm glass of water does the trick. (I do not have arthritis, personally, so I have not tried this remedy but people I’ve spoken to swear by it!)

For a case of athlete’s foot, dabbing a vinegar soaked cloth or swab on the affected area at least twice daily should clear things up and keep fungus at bay. Moist areas of the home like showers bathtubs and bathroom floors should be cleaned often with a good antiseptic (vinegar works well).

Burns * Something not to be taken lightly * unless you are certain the burn is minor and manageable at home please consult a physician, pharmacist or professional healthcare specialist for treatment.- soaking bandages in vinegar is said to ease pain, heal the burns and keep infection away and all the while preventing a scar. Patience is key, however, this remedy could take several weeks or even months depending on the extensivity of the burns.

Dandruff is the scalp shedding dead skin flakes. More than half of the adult population suffers from dry, red, itchy scalps with unsightly flakes being released into the hair and on their clothes. Uncomfortable and unattractive, there are many treatment options for dandruff but this one tops them all. After one rinse of ACV the sufferer finds relief. In most cases, they find indefinite relief. After washing the hair simply dilute a cap-ful or two in a small amount of water and apply it to the scalp. Letting sit and then rinsing it or just leaving it in if it’s a more severe case (don’t worry the smell dissipates upon drying) and voila! No more dandruff.

Body Odor is embarrassing! It is something we all have to deal with, though, so finding a good deodorant that works is important. Unless, you prefer o’naturale ACV is a great alternative to the conventional deodorant. Especially if you are looking for something more earth and body friendly or if you have sensitive skin. Most deodorants being sold retail are really antiperspirants containing a lot of chemicals and neurotoxins like aluminum. Antiperspirants  block your body from sweating and cooling itself as it was meant to. Sweating is the body’s way of detoxifying and conditioning and regulating temperature. If we stop perspiration we hold on to toxins and in turn could develop illness. If you, like me, want to avoid all the shenanigans going along with antiperspirants  and even some deodorants give ACV a try. It’s as easy as dabbing it liberally on the underarm and allowing it to dry.(again the smell will dissipate) Nurses, farmers among many others swear by this method of keeping their body odor under control.

Insect bites and stings can be a real pain, literally! Simply stop the itch by dabbing with ACV; swelling, redness and itchies disappear almost instantly. For bigger bites or more severe stings soak a cotton ball or pad and hold in place over the affected area with a bandage for about 30 minutes.

Itching can be caused by almost anything, laundry soap, fabric or material, bug bites, dry skin even bacteria can cause itchiness. Persistent itchiness leads to scratching and scratching leads to more bacteria, infection, scars etc. ACV applied or substituted for soap in many cases can stop the itch. It reminds me of an old infomercial “STOP THE ITCH” to the tune of “She’s got the look.”

Poison Ivy is horrible and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy! (maybe; depending upon the enemy) Oh wait! I don’t have any enemies. Anyway, poison ivy is itchy, oozing with puss and contagious. Let’s kick its butt with apple cider vinegar. Just the same with treating other itchies, dab it on liberally and let it dry. After a few minutes, you can finally get some sleep.

An unpleasant but unfailing cure for a bothersome sore throat is to mix 1/4 c. vinegar with 1 c. warm water, adding a dash each of salt and pepper. Gargle. The next morning you’ve forgotten all about the problem and its unpleasant cure.

Sunburn is like a fire burning gloriously atop our skin. Put the fire (and the sting) out instantly by splashing with good ole ACV. Feeling better will only last about 20 minutes but it’s better than sitting slathered in aloe with a sticky shirt that absorbs all your relief.

As with anything involving ears and eyes always consult a physician if you suspect injury or damage but apple cider vinegar can be used to prevent swimmer’s ear. The key is the pH. Acidity of the vinegar kills organisms that can get waterlogged in the ear canal causing infection, pain and irritation. Use a few drops in each ear to prevent this painful occurrence which happens all too often to our little ones in the summertime when water play and poolside time is imperative to our fun.

I hate the dentist, as do most of us I’m sure. To see him for every little toothache is not my cup of tea. I have found that warming a bit of vinegar and holding it in the mouth on the affected tooth brings relief. An occasional toothache is what we are talking about here. For chronic pain and problems please do go to the dentist and get the proper care for teeth and gums.

Whether you have skin problems, arthritis or the common cold I hope you’ll try these apple cider vinegar remedies and find yourself a new best friend in this miracle worker. If you have success stories using ACV or any questions about its magical properties, please share them in the comments; I always love hearing from my readers.


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