I’ll cry if I want to

But I don’t need to. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! YAY!!!

Sunday, September 7…. Day 27

Another birthday on the road and this time, it’s mine.

I took Oliver for a nice long lakeside walk while Darryl cooked breakfast; my favorite, french toast! This birthday breakfast is especially memorable because just as I was about to take a bite he says, “we’re all out of cinnamon.” “Impossible,” I think to myself because I know I brought a shaker and a half from home and haven’t used a spec of it for the entire trip. Upon examination of the empty canister it reads “PAPRIKA”

I laughed because Darryl immediately says to Juniper (age 6) “did you bring me paprika?” she says, “I don’t know.”

Neither of them read the label so I sprinkled real cinnamon poured the syrup and filled my tummy.

I felt bad because he was all ready to remake it when it was tasty and delicious, even with the secret ingredient. Besides, not many gals are as blessed as I to have a doting husband cook her breakfast on her birthday. (love my husband)

After we dressed(and I do mean DRESSed) we went for a walk to the visitor’s center and took some family photos waiting for it to open.

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We got out postcards, JR booklets and went on to the lodge to see the grand hall and the history exhibit of the building. I love old wood work and this place was full of it. Built from it.

Of course, Darryl drives out of the lodge and the section of Rim Drive from the lodge down to the other visitor’s center where we saw an educational documentary about Crater Lake and earned our badges was a regular road with shoulders and guard rails and space to not die. No, the road of death was just for my pure enjoyment.

We ate lunch at the visitor’s center and camped at a campground in the park.

The thing about park campgrounds is it is difficult to get a spot at all and they have limited spaces with electric and/or full hookups.

This campground had 14 electric hookups, all of which were taken or for smaller rigs. Ours is 36′

As we decided to tease ourselves and check on the only 4 full hookups we were shocked, surprised, dumbfounded to have found one open and available! Darryl turns to me and says with a smile, “It is YOUR birthday!”

As blessed as I am and as much as I attribute my good fortune to choices I’ve made and the good grace of God, most would just say I’m lucky.

Darryl has even coined a phrase “Lisa Luck” referring to parking because somehow there seems to be an empty space in the first or second spot from the door just waiting for me when the rest of the lot is full.

Well it’s my birthday and we got full hookup which means not having to run this noisy smelly generator or worrying about running out of water ,not that we’re wasting it; but one less thing to worry about when washing hands or using the restroom.

Darryl let the kids play in the woods while he baked, yes HE BAKED, brownies and grilled burgers for dinner. Then they had roasted marshmallows before we all showered and watched Annie while eating our delicious treats.

Bedtime was easy-peasy as we were all worn out from exploring the lake, playing and getting good and dirty.

Aah! Happy Birthday to me. We ended the night just the two of us by the fire talking, stargazing, listening to the stillness and admiring the almost full moon.

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