… to be an author?

I have an announcement!

It’s one thing to write a letter, comment on social media or an email, it’s another thing to proclaim oneself as an author.

Even just writing this blog I don’t think I’m good enough. Self-destructive criticism of my own thoughts written out on the screen before me is frightening.

But, I’m taking a leap.

drumroll please…

I’m becoming an author.

Self-publishing a book of my own is a huge undertaking. I find time to write and research while my babies are sleeping. I beg my husband to read and re-read everything 1,000 times. I’m afraid I won’t actually get it done because my perfectionism is getting the best of me.

In publishing this post I hope that you all will hold me accountable, pray for my sanity and eventually read my non-fiction masterpiece.

A book about homeschooling and getting over some of the hurdles that accompany it, I’m writing to help others on the same journey as me and I also hope to shed light on this wonderful experience that is educating our children at home.

I’m scared and excited all at the same time to be taking the next step and make something of this “thing I” can’t stop thinking about.

Wish me luck!

Published by MaMaDuCk

Mom, wife, artist, spreader of joy!

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