Why We Say “Grace”

Even if you’re not very religious or don’t believe in God, sitting down as a family to break bread can be very special.

For my family, it’s a time that we all get to be together and enjoy a meal.
Before eating, we hold hands and say something nice about our day then give thanks.

Sometimes it’s as simple as thanking the person who prepared the meal or worked hard to pay for it.

Our littlest ones usually initiate or remind us to make this ritual happen. We’ll sit down and some will have already taken a bite, but then they put out their little hands ask “amen?”

It is something that’s just nice to do. It connects us, makes us humble. It reminds us there are worse things than our worst things.
So, when we sit down and thank the Lord for our food, health and such, we are also creating a foundation for a family dynamic that no amount of money could bring us.
I love these people. Our two year old thanks God for the food and asks for everyone to be happy, healthy and play games; our five year old thanks Him for food and our blessings, then asks for our dreams to come true and to make our house clean and beautiful.
These precious little creatures are thoughtful gracious and innocently lovely.

So for grace:

Dear Lord, Thank you for my blessings. For every smile, every tear and everything in between. I can’t ask for anything because I have the whole world in my heart. A gift from you, Lord. Thank you. Amen.


***Do you say grace? Tell me in the comments what family traditions bind you and your loved ones.

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