How our 18 month old had a “potty success!”

March 1, 2014 Oak woke up at 5:30am with a dry diaper and put her pee pee in the potty!!! We are ecstatic! It all started a few days ago just as we were getting home from bringing Juniper and Lemon to their Karate class. Oak and I were walking through our laundry area whenContinue reading “How our 18 month old had a “potty success!””

DIY Easy Number Line Craft

Our little learners have been very interested in numbers and how they relate to each other in equations. They have been adding and subtracting small numbers for several months. I happened upon cute character workbooks in the local dollar store and they LOVE them! One page has a number line at the top for easyContinue reading “DIY Easy Number Line Craft”

Lights, CAMERA, Action!

Photos can make or break the blog… the camera can make or break the photos…the photographer can make or BREAK the camera. I have had this happen a time or too. Between, thief, sand, a clumsy 4-year-old and plain old carelessness I have gone through 4 pocket digital cameras in just a few short years. TheContinue reading “Lights, CAMERA, Action!”