How our 18 month old had a “potty success!”

March 1, 2014

Oak woke up at 5:30am with a dry diaper and put her pee pee in the potty!!! We are ecstatic!

It all started a few days ago just as we were getting home from bringing Juniper and Lemon to their Karate class. Oak and I were walking through our laundry area when she turns to look into the powder room. She points. Looks back at me still pointing and shrieks, “POTTY!”

I ask, “Do you want to use the potty?” Her voice so happy and eager she nods and mumbles “uh-huh!” So I doubtfully undress, place her on the pot and hand her a book. Within seconds I hear the success and think, ‘Did she have a wet diaper?’ Her last change was hours before but sure enough that little baby girl kept her nappy dry and did her business in correct locale.

This to me, as a somewhat veteran toddler parent (3 before her), is an astonishing accomplishment for an 18 month old. It’s one thing to introduce this foreign and frightening bowl of water that sucks your waste down a dark hole to an 18 month old; but for her to voluntarily request presence with the throne is uncanny.

How did we do it you ask?

I ask that too, because I can’t take any credit other than letting her be her.

Having 3 older sisters and chasing after them is probably her motivation, however, she decided for herself to ask to go and keep dry all those hours.

With Ash it didn’t happen like that. She was older. She was almost 2 when she first wanted to sit on her own, and 28 months before she made it through the night dry.

Lemon, she was just about two, and she wore the pull up diapers for a LONG time, almost a whole year.

Juniper was the quickest. Go figure! A first-born with no one to imitate. And, at that her first order of business on the porcelain throne was NOT the popular among babies. After her first potted deuce, she never went back to filling a stinky diaper again. SHE started at 15 months!

So like I said I can take no credit other than letting them be them. Papa bear brought in the little potty for Juniper to sit on but she was the one who embraced it, as they all did in their own time.

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