How to beat the blues: 10 FREE steps to happier you

If you have your BLUE suede shoes on today and need some help figuring out how to beat the funk check out my easy list of 10 FREE ways to kick the blues.

  1. Go for a walk – getting some fresh air and moving around a bit can refresh your mood, especially when birds are chirping or squirrels are about. Something about nature that just makes me happy.
  2. Music – no brainer here: as long as it’s the right type of music. Unless it’s really upbeat and you know it has a happy ending I’d steer clear of country music if you’re sad. Unfortunately this genre has some sad songs about heartbreak.
  3. Call a friend to talk it out – even if just to say “Hi, Judy, I’m having a lousy day.” Talking to a friend can help tremendously. You know you’re not alone and having someone to talk to can lift the spirits.
  4. Take a nap – sometimes even a 15 min. power nap on your coffee break can rejuvenate your mood. It’s like a reset button in the middle of the day.
  5. Shower – I always feel better after a shower! Washing all the negative energy right down the drain, literally.
  6. Fit in a workout – In recent years, its become common knowledge that working out releases hormones called endorphins, which create a chemical reaction in the brain and make it happy. They’re Happy Hormones. Working out can also clear your head as you’re focusing on sweating and counting reps instead of what was bringing you down to begin with.
  7. Read a book – Reading makes the brain work. It strengthens it. It also whisks you away to a magical land of wizards or vampires or whichever fiction novel calls your name (fiction is good because it’s fantasy, and let’s face it: who doesn’t love a good fantasy?)
  8. Fantasy brings me to number 8 Get some lovin’ I’m not going into detail here because… you know.
  9. Visit an animal shelter – you don’t have to stay long because even 5 minutes with a happy puppy or playful kitten can pick up even the lowliest of funks.
  10. Make someone smile – Just by saying hello to a stranger or making a funny face at a kid to see them smile and have an interaction with another human being can really cheer us up. I have no doubt that laughter, smiling and in general, happiness is contagious.

So no matter how sad a song you’re singing get out there, keep your head up and believe there is good in the world!

This post is a Daily Prompt How do you get out of singing the blues?

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9 thoughts on “How to beat the blues: 10 FREE steps to happier you

  1. Great tips! I struggle with this and I find that a walk really does help. I had a lot less anxiety issues when I was working out regularly. I have been using essential oils to control a lot of issues, and plan to add a lot of walking when the weather warms up!


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