FINALLY!!! A post from the road :)

One of my main objectives for my blog was focus on our travels and experiences as a family. Because travel is not all that consumes me I decided to add the other topics and components to the blog as well.

But today, finally, THIS post, I can type that we are on the road! YAY!!!

Our first trip since our Maine adventure and it has been quite the experience.

Going back to and reminiscing about Maine is fun and all but that first trip back in August was a test-run to see how we liked RV’ing and decide whether buying one would be a good fit for our family. Turns out…it was!!!

With the help of some really awesome and generous relatives we all managed to agree on a model and get approved for purchase. Oh, happy day!!!

My husband was able to hitch a ride 1/4 of the way across country from one of his drivers to the dealership and pick up our home-on-wheels just this past Tuesday. Here it is Thursday and we’re halfway to Myrtle Beach! No, we do not waste ANY time. The thing about the rush and quick trip was the rates. RV’ing is NOT cheap so we take savings anywhere we can find it and the rates for this really awesome campground/waterpark ON (that’s right, ON) the beach double on Monday. So we hurried to get down here and have some fun for two reasons. First reason is to save some cash and still have a great time but the second reason, the most important reason to me is this baby is coming in less than a month and I really do NEED a vacation.

We’ve been just living our regular hectic crazy awesome life as usual but added in renovating and selling our house, planning a killer 5th birthday party for Lemon at the end of the month, having a baby in just a few weeks and my dear husband working/driving and being away from home more often than not. Like I said, I NEED A VACATION!!!

I chose South Carolina because it’s May and I didn’t want to go too far or too close. It would have been almost a 13 hour ride had we drove straight through. Again, travelling with small children sounds crazy but we manage quite well keeping busy with the excitement, on board activities and stopping spontaneously atnew and fun spots to look around and stretch our legs.

Our trip began on a wednesday afternoon, delayed by packing, eating and horrible weather we only made it an hour from home on our first night. (laughable) Thursday was more productive but we were met with torrential downpours and some not-so-fun traffic problems. All these hiccups made our trip down quite stressful but once we got to where we were going it was all worth it!

Lakewood Campground is definitely a place will be returning to in years to come!

This is the view from my bed!


We enjoyed rate-included amenities like miniature golf, a visit with the waterpark, indoor and outdoor swimming pools unlimited beach access and laundry and shower facilities. The resort also offers free boat and bicycle rentals as well as an arcade, golf carts and a lot of activities for the kids. It was fantastic!

phone pictures 2014 5299 phone pictures 2014 5321 phone pictures 2014 5333 phone pictures 2014 5348 phone pictures 2014 5358 phone pictures 2014 5362Our trip was fun and relaxing but also frustrating and stressful at times.We could not have asked for a nicer or more accomodating resort, it was our RV that afforded us the problems and headaches. We decided on a new unit for a number of reasons. One of them being mechanical and maintenance history. In a used model, we have no idea what, if any problems have occurred but in a new model we know everything should be nice and new and have no problems…so we thought!

This trip was really important for us because not only did we NEED a vacation and to renew our spirits we were able to learn about our new rig and find the kinks before our BIG trip at the end of the summer. Good thing too, because despite the newness, this thing has a lot of issues.

We had no hot water! Our leveling jacks do not operate properly, the seal on the slide out leaks, some of the drawers are broken. Basically I feel we got a lemon but everything is covered under warranty and we have the time to fix it all before our long trip later in the season.

So much for nice and new! HA!

Overall, our trip was stressful, full of speed bumps and road blocks, extremely relaxing and beautiful and a huge learning experience for us all!!!


Side Note: Blogging from the road isn’t easy! The first part of the post is from the actual road but all of our problems got in the way of Mama Duck getting any work done. Once we got down to our destination, I just wanted to dig my toes in the sand…. it was a lovely trip and now being back home I can upload our photos and recount the adventure.

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