A windy rush

Monday August 25……Day 14 For the two nights Oliver was in the hospital we went a few miles down the road. On the first morning we woke up in the Black Hills wilderness to a field of prairie dogs. That’s one of the good (and bad) things about travelling at night, you have no ideaContinue reading “A windy rush”

Our Second Leg

Reminiscing as I look back at my journal is a happy time for me. I am just grateful I have internet and electricity at the same time to be able to share our experiences with you. Sunday, August 17………………Day 6 What a fantastic day! We explored Indiana Sand Dunes State Park. Spent the day onContinue reading “Our Second Leg”

FINALLY!!! A post from the road :)

One of my main objectives for my blog was focus on our travels and experiences as a family. Because travel is not all that consumes me I decided to add the other topics and components to the blog as well. But today, finally, THIS post, I can type that we are on the road! YAY!!!Continue reading “FINALLY!!! A post from the road :)”

What’s the Maine idea?

What does a pig, a whale and a moose all have in common? ¬†Our trip to Maine! It started with a moose and ended with a pig but everything in between was riveting. We set out on a Sunday in an RV out on the open road, just the six of us. That’s right, weContinue reading “What’s the Maine idea?”