Meet the Author

That’s right! This mama has finally published an e-book!

Two years in the making, I’m proud to announce, Deciding to Homeschool: A Guide for Parents on the Fence


I couldn’t be more proud to share this with you, and I hope to help a lot of people decide if this lifestyle is right for them, and shed some light on the struggles we face as a homeschooling family.

If you read it, I hope you’ll send some feedback my way, even if it’s negative.

I’ve been holding off on publishing for quite some time; my fear of failure and my self-esteem have been stifling me.

So, why now?

Some unforeseen circumstances have presented in our life; and, to be perfectly honest, we need the money.

I know, it’s shallow and one might say I’m “selling out,” but I’m killing a couple birds here.

  1. Helping support my family (if anyone actually buys it)
  2. Sharing our experiences and my blunt opinions will (hopefully) help others
  3. Realizing this dream of being an author, a dream I’ve had since childhood
  4. Shedding some light on our life for anyone questioning themselves

So, with all these birds being killed… now, is as good a time as any.


To kick things off it’s available for FREE download until Friday, October 28, 2016!

Deciding to Homeschool: A Guide for Parents on the Fence





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