Full of hot air

Tuesday September 23…. Day 43 New Mexico is warm at 7am. Lazily I went into the convenience store for coffee, juice and fruit. We ate breakfast and shuffled into the trading post just after they opened their doors. The two-story gift shop was littered with wooden beams and indian artifacts mostly pottery and jewelry but theContinue reading “Full of hot air”

I survived a day with my kids!

Sounds ridiculous, I know, but today was the first day without my husband that I ventured out for errands with all five of the kids. On. my. own! Since the new addition a month ago, I have been dreading this day. It wasn’t all that bad, but it was something to write about. (hence thisContinue reading “I survived a day with my kids!”

To run away? A child’s question

So, this parenting post is more of an observation than anything. I read a library book to the kids today about a character not feeling respected enough and wanting to go off on his own adventure, alone. He went. As he was off on his adventure he encountered a bunch of dangerous and frightening experiences.Continue reading “To run away? A child’s question”

The Dreaded Question: Are you done?

The dreaded question: Are you done? It could mean many things but people ask me wanting know whether I’m done having kids.     NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! After all, it’s my life, my body, my wallet! However, I am not rude or crass so I explain.(sigh) I come from a fairly large family ofContinue reading “The Dreaded Question: Are you done?”

What’s the Maine idea?

What does a pig, a whale and a moose all have in common?  Our trip to Maine! It started with a moose and ended with a pig but everything in between was riveting. We set out on a Sunday in an RV out on the open road, just the six of us. That’s right, weContinue reading “What’s the Maine idea?”

How our 18 month old had a “potty success!”

March 1, 2014 Oak woke up at 5:30am with a dry diaper and put her pee pee in the potty!!! We are ecstatic! It all started a few days ago just as we were getting home from bringing Juniper and Lemon to their Karate class. Oak and I were walking through our laundry area whenContinue reading “How our 18 month old had a “potty success!””