Lakes and badges

Monday September 1st Part Two YELLOWSTONE! From the moment we entered the park the scenery changed, the road changed, the world changed. A sense of uneasiness overcame me and anxiety filled my veins. The trees were eerily baron and the air stale. The spectacle was not as spectacular as I was expecting. You hear storiesContinue reading “Lakes and badges”

The heat is on.

Saturday August 23…Day 12 Everyone woke up happy! Well rested and excited about the trip again we ate breakfast in our hotel room beds before we suited up and went down to the pool. Dogwood loved dipping her toes in the water and watching daddy drag her sisters around the pool taking turns dancing withContinue reading “The heat is on.”

I am blessed (or am I)

DISCLAIMER: this may be the longest day of our entire trip… and most disgusting. Friday, August 22……Day 11 I am blessed! In fact I was blessed with a heavy mess of poop. Not just any poop. Smelly poop. Sticky, runny poop. Piles and puddles of poop. DOG POOP!   Oliver is sick! He pooped in theContinue reading “I am blessed (or am I)”

Our Second Leg

Reminiscing as I look back at my journal is a happy time for me. I am just grateful I have internet and electricity at the same time to be able to share our experiences with you. Sunday, August 17………………Day 6 What a fantastic day! We explored Indiana Sand Dunes State Park. Spent the day onContinue reading “Our Second Leg”