More on oil pulling

Since my four-day oil pulling project, my teeth and mouth continue to feel cleaner and whiter!

I found a new benefit, though:

I have a gluten sensitivity that includes excessive tiredness and headaches, not to mention other ailments (follow the blog and I’ll be posting about it more later). If i have gluten in any form I am miserable for days to come. I can’t get out of bed in the morning my mood is worse than usual and in general I get sick.

Well, this proves to be specifically difficult when pizza is on the table. My favorite food and long time love of eating pizza has been destroyed by this condition. I have tried gluten-free options and it just isn’t the same.

After feeling so great while doing the oil pulling, I tried a piece of pizza a couple of nights ago and the outcome was phenomenal. The effects were minimal on the surface. I know gluten is bad for me in particular but the oil pulling has definitely helped.

I believe in this ritual more and more everyday. As, I won’t return to my earlier normal bread, pasta and pizza eating habits, I’m confident that if I do slip (as we all do when it comes to strict diets) I have my trusty tool of oil pulling in my back pocket to help eradicate the consequences of my weakness.

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