Vegas Baby

If you don’t already know, this part of our road trip is the sole purpose for the WHOLE trip. Ten years ago, we came to this very city and ate at this very restaurant to celebrate this very woman. My beautiful mother-in-law.                       We metContinue reading “Vegas Baby”

Death becomes us

Into Yosemite The drive in was beautiful scenery except the smell of fire, ash and soot coupled with the “Extreme Fire Danger” signs, the fear and reality of the drought and more importantly the fires ravaging through the region set in. When we enter the park and learn more about the forest, much like YellowstoneContinue reading “Death becomes us”

Faith in humanity

Friday, September 12, 2014…. Day 32 Check out time at the campground was 11 o’clock yesterday morning and after I bathed the dog and took a nice hot shower we shoved off, got our junior ranger badges, a geocache and went to The Shrine Tree in Myers Flats, CA, one of three drive-through trees (anotherContinue reading “Faith in humanity”

Laundry, trees, home.

Monday Sept. 8….Day 28 Monday-Laundry Day Tiring day at the Laundromat in Klamath Falls, OR which, by the way, does not in fact have any falls( I checked). 8 loads $25.00+ 4 bored kids a cranky baby and an exhausted mom was the price to pay for clean sheets, underwear and pajamas. After three straightContinue reading “Laundry, trees, home.”

I’ll cry if I want to

But I don’t need to. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! YAY!!! Sunday, September 7…. Day 27 Another birthday on the road and this time, it’s mine. I took Oliver for a nice long lakeside walk while Darryl cooked breakfast; my favorite, french toast! This birthday breakfast is especially memorable because just as I was about to takeContinue reading “I’ll cry if I want to”

Lakes and badges

Monday September 1st Part Two YELLOWSTONE! From the moment we entered the park the scenery changed, the road changed, the world changed. A sense of uneasiness overcame me and anxiety filled my veins. The trees were eerily baron and the air stale. The spectacle was not as spectacular as I was expecting. You hear storiesContinue reading “Lakes and badges”

Cody, the new member of our family.

August 27….Day 16 We rode into Wyoming a few miles and ate breakfast at a rest area with a playground(those are the best) While the girls burned up some energy, I cleaned and Darryl was able to make calls and get work done before we packed on some miles. It’s a long way to Yellowstone.Continue reading “Cody, the new member of our family.”

A windy rush

Monday August 25……Day 14 For the two nights Oliver was in the hospital we went a few miles down the road. On the first morning we woke up in the Black Hills wilderness to a field of prairie dogs. That’s one of the good (and bad) things about travelling at night, you have no ideaContinue reading “A windy rush”

The heat is on.

Saturday August 23…Day 12 Everyone woke up happy! Well rested and excited about the trip again we ate breakfast in our hotel room beds before we suited up and went down to the pool. Dogwood loved dipping her toes in the water and watching daddy drag her sisters around the pool taking turns dancing withContinue reading “The heat is on.”