Linen, the recommended gift of a 4th anniversary. Ours is today. Four years since we tied the knot. Four years since we got hitched and attached the old ball and chain.

Sorry for the expressions but this year our wedding has as much meaning as it did the day we did it. Which we didn’t even want to do.
That doesn’t sound right… let me explain.

When we were younger and hadn’t yet met, we both explicitly did not want to get married. Neither of us wished for a family, a house or kids, none of it. I’ve explained this before but if you haven’t read it read it now.

I was never happier until I met him. He is kind. Gentle. Sweet. Strong. Silent. Safe. Everything I never thought I’d find attractive but even now after nine years together and four years married we still got it!

Whatever IT is.

It’s something different for every couple and for us it’s the look in our children’s’ eyes when they’re swinging on a swing. It’s the way their hair falls down their back after pulling out their ponytail. Their deep peaceful breaths as they sleep.

This bond of being parents together. Seeing each other love our kids and take care of them is part of the glue that holds us.

Then there are the other bonds… the ones that really keep us together. The ones I don’t wish to divulge on the world wide web.

Four years of celebrating our marriage. Four years of wearing these rings. These rings that symbolize our never-ending love and commitment.


Something about wearing this thing on my finger makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Barbaric as it is; I am owned. Owned by my husband and kids but I choose to be owned. Owned by the love that we share and fills our home and hearts.

I wish EVERYone in the world could feel this feeling. It abounds and I can only thank God every single day that I am lucky in love. As well as thank Him, I pray to continue being graced by this glorious love and to keep my family forever.

Our wedding song, Forever and ever, Amen, is perfect because I have had some medical troubles where my hair falls out in clumps. Just last night on our anniversary I say, “I’m going bald” Darryl responds I’ll love you anyway, even if you’re bald. Our song specifically mentions aging and “I ain’t in love with your hair. If it all fell out, I’d love you anyway.”

I can only hope these past four years are a great indication for the next forty years and the forty after that.

I love looking back at our wedding photos and I hope you enjoy them too.

Happy Anniversary!

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