A Canyon is Anything but

What’s in the Grand Canyon?


Or is there?

This place is filled with many things one of the most beautiful places in the world (my world) is filled with magic. Beauty. The awe-inspiring look on first time visitors (mine included) reflects out of this trench in the earth. A trench dug out of the earth that stretches for hundreds of miles. Standing on the rim it goes as far as the eyes can see.

It’s full of fearless visitors climbing out to the edge of the cliff for that all important selfie and status update to share on instagram. it’s full of pounding hearts, trembling hands and sweaty foreheads of the many climbers, hikers and the like.

Day 41 Sunday, September 21

We packed up and checked out of the campground to make the 65 mile journey to the canyon in our RV.

Travelling much lighter with only one stroller a nursing cover, diapers and some water we went to the Yavapai Geology Museum for the Geo-Glimpse Ranger talk. Darryl especially enjoyed learning about the canyon’s history and origin. I was particularly freaked out with how cavalier the ranger was leaning on the guard rail at the edge of the south rim’s cliff.

After our 30 minute “schooling” we trekked along the Rim’s trail following a timeline of rocks and gazing out over the edge high above the Colorado River.

I’m in awe of the kids and how they don’t take it for granted but also don’t seem the least bit phased by the majesty either.

They’re just here with us walking along rubbing the ancient bedrock chunks displayed along the trail.

The trail, a little over 1.5 miles brought us to the Vercamp’s Visitor Center where we finished our booklets and toured the gift shop.

We wandered around to find a ranger for our badges but wasn’t resolved until a shuttle bus ride back to the RV and drive to the Canyon Village Visitor’s Center in the nick of time-they locked the doors for the day just as we entered.

Badges in hand and the sun setting we ate dinner and started out of the park.

Next stop the Petrified Forest!


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