A Canyon is Anything but

What’s in the Grand Canyon? Nothing. Or is there? This place is filled with many things one of the most beautiful places in the world (my world) is filled with magic. Beauty. The awe-inspiring look on first time visitors (mine included) reflects out of this trench in the earth. A trench dug out of theContinue reading “A Canyon is Anything but”

Lakes and badges

Monday September 1st Part Two YELLOWSTONE! From the moment we entered the park the scenery changed, the road changed, the world changed. A sense of uneasiness overcame me and anxiety filled my veins. The trees were eerily baron and the air stale. The spectacle was not as spectacular as I was expecting. You hear storiesContinue reading “Lakes and badges”

Cody, the new member of our family.

August 27….Day 16 We rode into Wyoming a few miles and ate breakfast at a rest area with a playground(those are the best) While the girls burned up some energy, I cleaned and Darryl was able to make calls and get work done before we packed on some miles. It’s a long way to Yellowstone.Continue reading “Cody, the new member of our family.”

A windy rush

Monday August 25……Day 14 For the two nights Oliver was in the hospital we went a few miles down the road. On the first morning we woke up in the Black Hills wilderness to a field of prairie dogs. That’s one of the good (and bad) things about travelling at night, you have no ideaContinue reading “A windy rush”

What’s the Maine idea?

What does a pig, a whale and a moose all have in common?  Our trip to Maine! It started with a moose and ended with a pig but everything in between was riveting. We set out on a Sunday in an RV out on the open road, just the six of us. That’s right, weContinue reading “What’s the Maine idea?”

DIY Easy Number Line Craft

Our little learners have been very interested in numbers and how they relate to each other in equations. They have been adding and subtracting small numbers for several months. I happened upon cute character workbooks in the local dollar store and they LOVE them! One page has a number line at the top for easyContinue reading “DIY Easy Number Line Craft”