Lights, CAMERA, Action!

Photos can make or break the blog… the camera can make or break the photos…the photographer can make or BREAK the camera.

I have had this happen a time or too. Between, thief, sand, a clumsy 4-year-old and plain old carelessness I have gone through 4 pocket digital cameras in just a few short years.

The quality on these little guys isn’t the greatest but with my track record I’d be a fool to spend a fortune on a high-powered DSL or anything nicer than my little shooter.

I recognize that the integrity of the blog might suffer until I can afford a professional photog or take the risk and invest in something better for myself but until then, I apologize for the poor quality photos.


For my first post I would like to share the inspiration for this web log.

A few years ago, while reading my “juniper”  stories out of this great book, The Book of Children’s Classics, I came across this one: Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney, maybe you know it. It describes the life of a girl who becomes a woman by way of asking questions fulfilling dreams and keeping promises. The best line and most moving moment was that of her grandfather who makes her promise, “there is a third thing you must do” he says to little Alice, ” you must do something to make the world more beautiful.”

It stuck. It rang true for my every existence. So simple, yet difficult.

I too have set out on this very task and intend to keep my promise.

If only with this blog, make one life in this world more beautiful with my words, thoughts, or love.

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