Are You Drowning in a Sea of Housework?

I am! Oh am I! But, not for long! With Halloween just ending and November beginning like a lion, let’s work together to get ready for the holidays! My house is in total disarray, as is most of my life right now. This isn’t about me, though. It’s about us coming together here on theContinue reading “Are You Drowning in a Sea of Housework?”

How to keep house while living with a million mess-makers

I’m no expert. My house is not clean. I do have some tips and tricks to help you, though. Raising any number of children and/or pets as well as having a mate, a day job and any kind of a social life¬†while maintaining and keeping a house is a difficult task. Take it from me,Continue reading “How to keep house while living with a million mess-makers”

Decluttering Reading List

A partner post for “Selling Your House Series: Part Two, Staging for Success” Here’s a little irony: In prepping for staging my home, I’ve cluttered my kindle with books about decluttering! Curious about my reading list? Here it is:                       I do not receive monetaryContinue reading “Decluttering Reading List”