Are You Drowning in a Sea of Housework?

I am!

Oh am I!

But, not for long!

With Halloween just ending and November beginning like a lion, let’s work together to get ready for the holidays!

My house is in total disarray, as is most of my life right now. This isn’t about me, though. It’s about us coming together here on the inter-web to share our failures, our successes and everything in between.

For the month of November, I’ll be writing a series of housekeeping posts to share our journey, inspire my readers and hopefully exchange tips and tricks with all of you out there in cyberspace.

We’ll call this new series Homemaking Madness and to kick things off I’m sharing my speed cleaning strategy with you.

I shared a meme on Facebook yesterday that couldn’t be more true for me as I’m sure many of you (whether you admit it or not)


…and it’s true.

I’ve written of this before in (how to keep house with a million mess makers)

Why do we strenuously try to attain a clean home only when company’s coming?

Why aren’t WE good enough to just have a nice, tidy, neat, clean home to live in?


Well, it is what it is.

Before we can achieve the great pleasure of just having a clean home (maybe from a magical fairy) let’s straighten up like company is coming!


Do you dread certain areas? maybe the laundry, or cleaning the bathroom? Have you read home-cleaning books or blogs where they tell you to do certain areas of the home first… blah blah blah!


I’m not going to do that. I’m going to tell you the best way to clean the house is to just do it! (my husband tells me this) But it just doesn’t work!

I get sidetracked reorganizing a closet, or deep-cleaning a corner for an hour…this does not get us ready for company.


My most productive house cleaning endeavors usually involve some great tunes and a game. A game? a game!

First, assess the situation, either physically or mentally. Knowing what needs to be done and prioritizing is a key to being successful in a speed cleaning session.

In my home, it’s not so much dirt as is it is stuff, mess, clutter, crap etc.

So, usually I have to go to each room and get rid of the crap before I can do anything else.


But, in my home, there is so much crap in every room, I never know where to begin and just don’t do any of it. I get defeated before I begin, so I brake it down to simple zones and make a game of it. Want to play?

Sample list of zones:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Laundry
  3. Bathroom
  4. Family Room
  5. Living & Dining Rooms
  6. Hallway
  7. Kid’s Bedrooms
  8. Master Bedroom

Put the rooms/zones in a hat, pick one and spend no more than 30 minutes in that zone just doing what needs to be done. The key here is only spending the 15 or 30 minutes needed in each space. Doing only what needs to be done on the surface.

Set the timer on your stove, phone or alarm clock and when time’s up, pick a new zone and keep going until all the areas have been attended.

Please customize this game to your home size and needs. If each room only needs 10 minutes of attention for presentable display, don’t start ripping down curtains, please.

A speed clean around the house is for looks, not white gloves. Now, I’m not saying to shove the dirty dishes in the oven, here, people, let’s be reasonable. The object is to get the counters de-cluttered and floor clear of the obstacle course.

Keep the momentum going but give yourself some grace. If you need a break or a rest, take it, but not more than ten minutes (set the timer).

Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour or two and can see progress!

Follow me for more posts in this series and I hope you’ve had fun speed-cleaning!



Please don’t be shy, I want to hear from you! Comment on this post and share your tips, tricks, struggles and success!







How to keep house while living with a million mess-makers

I’m no expert. My house is not clean. I do have some tips and tricks to help you, though.

Raising any number of children and/or pets as well as having a mate, a day job and any kind of a social life¬†while maintaining and keeping a house is a difficult task. Take it from me, it’s tough!

This post is bit lengthy so if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read and nod in agreement I’ve highlighted the main points at the end ūüôā

Let’s get to it:

First thing in the morning, MAKE THE BED! as soon as your feet hit the floor, pull up the sheets and blankets, fluff the pillows. If this is the ONLY thing you carry out on the housekeeping front for the day, at least you did something, right?!

The thing about making the bed is it can make the messiest of rooms seem neater and cleaner some how. I guess because the bed typically takes up most of the visual space in any room that if it is neater the room looks neater, fresher, cleaner.

When you go to get into the bed, you feel better about yourself, your house and what you accomplished(or didn’t accomplish) for the day.

Second thing and throughout the day, if you see it clean it. It takes meer seconds to wipe the bathroom counter with your hand towel after washing your face hands and brushing your teeth.

Third, don’t step over around or on it, pick it up and take the seconds to put it where it belongs.

A helpful tip: keep a basket, a box or a bag in a central location¬†of the house. When you come across an item out-of-place put it in the receptacle. Later, take five minutes and empty the receptacle to the items’ proper homes.

Fourth, ask for help. Whether from the kids, husband, friend or neighbor, ask someone to play a game with the kids or take them for a walk. I find I have the most productive housekeeping adventures when I’m alone in the palace. I can turn on the music (helpful tip: upbeat music always motivates me, even in the background) and get stuff done, like the pile of dishes or that basket of laundry.

Frankly, I’ve received housekeeping advice that I should get my stuff done when the kids go to bed but I’m tired and want to go to bed myself so the stuff never gets done. In fact most of my cleaning and housework doesn’t get done until someone is coming over for a visit. Shameful, but true.

We’re all guilty of the mad dash. You get a call, “hey can I stop by, I’ll be there in twenty minutes” and you surprise yourself with how much you can¬†achieve in those urgent twenty minutes.

Why can’t we¬†get this done¬†this on a daily basis? because we don’t care about US seeing our dirt and mess, but we care about other’s seeing it. We can justify¬†to ourselves that we can do it later; the dirt will still be there tomorrow; and we don’t have the time to do it “right” right now so we don’t do it at all.

At least this is the way I think of it all.

I’m the worst offender of letting my laziness dominate whether my house gets cleaned. Sometimes I just have to kick myself in the butt and DO IT, but it’s a mountain in my mind and I don’t have any climbing gear. So the most crucial things get done but the dust piles up in the corner and the laundry sits in the dryer for a day (or three) but my kids are fed and the time I spend with them at this crucial age is priceless and I know we can not get these or any years back so I definitely don’t beat myself up over the dirt but someone’s got to do it and¬†my one¬†month old isn’t picking up a broom so it’s up to me.

Fifth, we have 3 bathrooms so to make it a little easier to be less lazy I keep toilet cleaner and rags in each one so I’m not chasing done, or lugging cleaning supplies all around the house. If I remember or notice it needs it I can just clean it on the spot, not go to get the cleaner and then get sidetracked getting someone a snack or tying a shoe.

Helpful tip: try not to take on a task that takes more than a few minutes. I don’t and can’t sit and scrub down the entire bathroom with all these little ones so, I’ll wipe the counter in the morning when I wash brush. Then later when I take my five minutes at the throne, I’ll scrub it down. Later after I give the kids a shower or bath, I’ll wipe down the shower and tub with their dirty wash clothes and towels. Presto, I cleaned the bathroom today.

Typically I’ll lug out the vacuum and steam mop and do one level of the house all at once. It’s just easier for my laziness to have to take it out, do the job and wind up the chords one time then to clean one whole room at a time.

helpful tip: Cleaning in zones means to¬†dust the whole¬†level, clean the glass, the whole¬†level, vacuum¬†the whole¬†level. Obviously not back to back. We’re not cleaning the whole¬†house at once, just trying to keep dirt at bay and do what we can when we can. It takes a few minutes to dust all the bedrooms and then do snack time or read a story etc. later or the next day¬†clean the glass on all¬†the windows, and the next day vacuum and mop the floors, you get the picture.

Having the right or wrong attitude about cleaning can make a huge difference and although I struggle most with my perfectionism and letting it get the better of me I try to think “progress not perfection” or NOT a thing would get done around here.

The battle of the dirt is an ongoing task so doing a little here and there when we can is the only way to get anything done, when you have kids, that is.

This method of little by little also lets you take back your weekends, so even if you don’t have any kids or pets cleaning the house or apartment doesn’t have to be an all day affair sucking the life out of your weekends. A little in the morning a little in the evening and you are ready for company at any given time.

To recap:










What are your best and worst cleaning mantras? How do you battle the dirt?

Tell me about it in the comments, please.

Decluttering Reading List

A partner post for “Selling Your House Series: Part Two, Staging for Success”

Here’s a little irony: In prepping for staging my home, I’ve cluttered my kindle with books about decluttering!

Curious about my reading list? Here it is:












I do not receive monetary compensation¬†for sharing these books! Also, when I “purchased” them I paid $0.00 for every one! That’s right! Want to know how you can get all your kindle ebooks for free? Follow the blog for an upcoming post about saving money on ebooks and where to find FREE deals!